How To Rent From Us


So you have had a look through the houses. You may even have picked one. Here are the answers to a few questions you might have ...

Can we have a look round?

Of course you can, in fact we would encourage it! Try to get everyone who will be living there to work out when they will be free then phone Sam on 07730 605830 so that we can book a viewing. Alternatively use the contact us section of the site. Wherever possible we will book a viewing at a time that everyone is available, though sometimes this may not be possible.

What is the deposit, and what is it for?


What is the contract?

When you rent a house you will be asked to sign an 'Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement', the long and short of which means you are agreeing to remain in the property for the duration specified on the contract ... normally 12 months.

How often and how do we pay rent?

Rent payment is usually made by standing order directly from your bank account on a quarterly basis. You will be asked to fill in a very simple form which will require you to have all your bank details with you when it comes time to sign up.

What is the inventory?

 When you are given the keys to the house you will be given a list of all the stuff that it contains (16 plates, 2 kettles, 2 sofas, 3 fluffy dice etc.). We strongly recommend that you check this list straight away and report anything you think is wrong. Once this is all agreed this inventory is held on file and used at the final inspection.

Are we inspected throughout the year?
We carry out inspections of all our properties on a quarterly basis, at a time agreed with you. They normally take about half an hour (depending on the size of the property). It's our chance to see that you are looking after the place and to discuss any issues.


Tel: 07730 605830